A Time of Change


On Good Friday last year I wrote a letter to my president, his Excellency Michael D Higgins, inviting him to sign the World Peace Treaty. I published it along with the reply from the Secretary General to the President here online. The World Peace Treaty has been brought to the leaders of our world by the Iranian scientist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and the Keshe Foundation. The Keshe Foundation through the Spaceship Institute in Italy is completely revolutionizing science as we know it. The much sought after “Grand Unified Theory” is here and is being demonstrated around the world but you may not have heard about it yet, mostly because of the colour of Mr Keshe’s passport. The well documented repression against Mr Keshe’s work is real and I have personally experienced some of this. You will find much disinformation about the Keshe Foundation on the internet but as a long time science enthusiast following the work of the foundation for sometime now, their science is completely sound and simultaneously mind blowing. The miracles of creation available through Mr Keshe’s systems are being demonstrated rapidly with live experiments from their team of “Knowledge Seekers” through various channels online. It is a technology that is undoubtedly going to touch every aspect of our lives. I encourage you to learn about it and ask our political leaders personally to implement the foundation’s solutions for health, energy and motion. These solutions include simple methods for the decontamination of Fukishima radioactivity; cures for cancer, multiple sclerosis and more; magnetic/gravitational propulsion systems and a host of other exciting breakthroughs in all fields of science. All of which is being thought freely online and there are approximately 1,000 scientists around the world actively involved now.

This is a time of great change for humanity. The gates of knowledge of creation in our universe are open now. Choose Peace, Understanding and Compassion and we will create Heaven on Earth.

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NASA to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe – 27.9.2012

White House to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe – 24.7.2013

Letter of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe – 18.4.2014



Persian Alchemy and the Scientific Underground

This is a preview of a piece intended to help the pseudo-skeptic understand the significance of our times and explain in brief just who Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is and what the Keshe Foundation does.


Why are more and more people taking this man seriously?

Because those who have begun to think for themselves, to be their own peer review; those who understand and apply to their thought, the true principles of science and those who have pieced together the wider cultural and political picture to see that it all fits…can see the self evident correctness of his theory. It has ALL the qualities a grand unifying theory should have:

a) Occam’s Razor: it should be a simpler description of what we already have – the four fundamental forces of nature (the strong and weak nuclear forces, the electromagnetic and the gravitational forces) are now understood as different aspects of one fundamental force.

b) Descriptive Power: it should explain things hitherto unexplained e.g. why the Sun’s corona is far hotter than it’s surface; why all that hydrogen (the lightest of gases) in a system supposedly governed by the attraction of mass found it’s way into the center of the system and the heavier elements outside (the metallic planets); why the north pole is hotter than the south; why the heavenly bodies hold their positions relative to each other (dark matter and dark energy is an utter cop-out btw – all it really explains is that the standard model equations are out by 90%); and more besides.

c) Predictive Power: it should propose things that can be investigated then to see if true. Keshe proposed an ‘inner inner’ core of the Earth for example – he calls it the Caroline Core (after his wife) and his discussions of this with NASA scientists back in the 90’s can be found online. This has since been proven (a fact that blows apart the old magnetic dynamo theory btw) though no one is calling it the Caroline Core but that’s just a little orientalism a la Edward Said…

Now if that’s not enough to be taken seriously you’d just have to go and do stuff to prove it yourself. Discover the fourth state of matter (GANS – the solid room temperature gases of which our bodies are made); manufacture it – graphene (one of the most useful and sought after materials of today) produced at room temperature, room pressure with no expensive/dangerous chemicals; cure diseases: cancer, MS, Gangrene and more (testimonies are on their website and their financial accounts are open to public inspection). And more…

Don’t let yourself be spoon-fed by NASA. Know about shills and astroturfing. Think of the big picture – from an economy of scarcity to an economy of abundance…and don’t be so naive as not to consider the full extent of the sadistic evil of man that feeds on it’s own slavery.

Take the red pill.

Keshe’s Free Energy Technology will make today’s military ‘useless’:

Update: State of The Art Keshe Plasma Reactor unveiled at the World Peace Conference 21 April 2013, Brescia, Italy. This is a modification of the earlier design blocked by the Belgian Nuclear Energy Authority to be tested over the coming two to three weeks according to Mr Keshe.

Update May 2013: In lieu of writing the piece the Keshe Foundation and all it means deserves, I would like to share an insightful note posted on Facebook from an attendee at Mr Keshe’s recent conference in Varna Bulgaria and also a peculiar comment which is intended to give the reader an insight into the workings of the information war surrounding this subject. This comment was posted to this entry a mere 3 hours after publication. Note how the argument avoids any discussion of actual physics and is rather an obscure analysis of obscure statistics. It does not appear to be an organic response to something on the internet… Some of the Keshe forums are crawling with these guys – I noticed one guy who joined facebook the day after the Iranians captured the drone last year; he finds two friends and then proceeds to write upwards of 2000 words ‘debunking’ Keshe threads. Verification in my mind that some people would rather you don’t take this subject seriously (and they’re probably getting paid to make you feel this way). The link in his text brings you to an obscure comment in a long thread where there are other shills to give you the impression there is an organic conversation going on. Subtle little lies that are very labor-some to refute are thrown into the mix and work to exaggerate the initial claims and thereby discredit. This is what a Shill looks like ladies and gentlemen…what ‘cunning hired knave‘ is next? 😉


A thanks to ‘Andy San’ for the following note about Mehran Tavakoli Keshe:

After the conference with Mehran Keshe in Varna that I had the pleasure to attend, a good friend of mine, an esotericist, asked me:

 „How was the conference?

  Did Mehran Keshe impress you or he did not meet your expectations?”

 My answer was quite extensive and comprehensive.

  Then I presumed that my response to him will be interesting for many of my near and far, real and virtual friends, so I decided to post it here.

                                                               * * *

 You ask me about Mehran Keshe…

Keshe was and is a mystery to me so far.

He is half-Jewish, born in Iran and graduated as a nuclear engineer at the University of London.

A talented and experienced businessman, who made big money years ago through mediation in trading with oil and other commodities in Bulgaria as well, which he has visited repeatedly.

He is the author of four thick books, in which he exposes his ideas on the structure of the universe. They are written intelligibly, but the reader needs to be familiar with all of the new and established scientific conceptions and technologies: of the dark matter, of ‘God particles’ – bosons, of nanotechnology, of fusion power, etc.

On the basis of his theoretical developments Keshe offers radical technical solutions to many problems of modern civilization: in the sphere of energy, transport, medicine, etc.

His views are focused on the conviction that the magnetic-gravitational fields (Magravs) are fundamental for everything.

His approach to human body and its treatment is based on the same universal and all-pervasive magnetic-gravitational fields.

In Varna Mehran Keshe told us that he has great achievements in the removal of people from a long coma and illustrated his assertion with photos of having suffered a car accident Belgian lawyer. According to the Belgium legislation a Belgium citizen in a coma is to be kept artificially alive at the expense of the health care system up to 6 months. Then the doctors sign his/her death certificate and switch off the systems.

After her relatives received her body to bury it, Mehran Keshe restored the already dead de jure woman back to life. Frankly speaking, she did not look well after the coma, but she was alive at least.

Keshe said that his successes interested the Israelis and they asked him to provide them with this unique technology.

As far as I know, Israel is a leading country in this field. However, they still cannot draw former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon out of his coma.

Keshe explained that on this occasion he addressed the Embassy of Iran in Brussels. The answer of the Iranian government was that since it concerns his technology with humanitarian application, they do not object granting it to Israel. So Israel became the first country to formally request and obtains a medical technology from his foundation.

But Keshe is definitely not just a businessman, scientist, inventor and humanist.

Now he has the ambition to make achieving of a permanent world peace a foremost goal of all major countries.

In his interview for the Bulgarian National Television in Varna he said:

When I was in Iran from June to October, 2008 I transferred my full technology to the Iranian scientists. Iran is the only country, which has a spaceship program, not a space program, as they have announced by the government. A spaceship program is on magnetic-gravitational base, which are developed, while a space program is on propulsion and rocket engines.

  We announced in 2009 and we transferred the technology to Iran, and you can find the announcement on the Internet. We did not claim it after they brought the plane down; we explained it three years before that the technology is getting developed.

  My technology will make all the present defense and military technologies obsolete. As we saw how this spy aircraft was captured, the rest of the military armaments are just a toy.

Now that we have a chance to start with a total peace, without making new arms with a new technology, because the military application of this technology is so horrendous that they will leave nobody alive on this planet.”

Mehran Keshe impressed me most with his assertion that the head of a human being and respectively his/her cerebrum is a comparatively autonomous system from the rest of his/her body. The body has its own „brain” that controls the processes in it. If I’m not mistaken, he says it is located in the thymus gland. According to Keshe, the lymphatic system plays a vital role in our organism.

Falling in love, according to him, is associated with the unique personal synchronization of the Magravs-field of his/her heart and with the respective synchronization of this field with a compatible Magravs-field of another person’s heart.

However, in our cerebrum there is a center through which, if it is activated, we can not only communicate, but even fall in love with beings, who do not belong to mankind. The communication is being accomplished in a wordless ‘language’ that is fundamental and common for all rational beings in the universe.

Mehran Keshe does not keep in secret that his center is awakened and he has the mission to prepare humanity for its inclusion in the circle of intelligent civilizations in the universe.

In other words, Mehran Keshe is primarily an extremely practical and socially active modern space oriented esoteric!

„Consciousness is not the exclusivity of the earthman tribe, but is the cornerstone of the operation and interaction of all intellects in the universe.

Consciousness is the interactive outcome of decisions made by fields and not by matters. In time man will come to understand that Consciousness has no field strength (principal, transition and matter fields) criterion and is equal and the same for all entities in the universe. It is the central control room of physicality, or what we call tangible existence, as well as of the non-tangible. 

The man who understands the working of awareness and consciousness is the man who has entered the kingdom of the creator.

There are those who claim to have reached this stage through meditation, and there are those who have reached this level of understanding and behavior without realizing it, through their naturally correct conduct from their upbringing and not from fear of punishment, as has been threatened by the prophets of the past.

Punishment is the control system of physicality while consciousness is action without punishment. Punishment is for the physical man while awareness and consciousness are the attribute of the soul of the entity.

Those who understand the operation of consciousness will have a wonderful time in the worlds we have opened up to man as a gift and in the freedom of the use of space, and those who have not understood will have a rough time of it until they realize that awareness and consciousness and its interaction with other entities with the same attribute sets the course of their existence in the universe.”

I’ll conclude this review of the mysterious personality of Mehran Keshe with what he wrote on 22/12/2012 in his foundation’s website forum:

„Men are not the only creatures of the universe.

 Men are somewhere at the bottom of universal scale of intelligence and managing to sustain life in the overall universal family structure.

 Man has a very short life span compared to the others in the universe as he is dependent on his physicality of his present body structure.

  When, man understands that he can live without the need for physicality as others do in the universe, then man enters a new dimension of progress which is not apparent to him at this moment.

 This is the point, when man does not need to depend on his lungs and digestion system to absorb the Magravs of the universe to sustain the existence of Magravs of his amino acid to sustain life, but he uses the Magravs in the level of the amino acid Magravs as fields to take what he needs from the universal magnetic fields to sustain his life in the universe.


Now days as he has done from the beginning of his creation, with the difference that at the present he wears a more colorful outfits and uses more deceiving ways and words to carry out the same shameful conducts as his forefathers and calls himself with the new word of ‘civilized’ and defense for the same misconducts as his ancestors.  

If this is civilization, to make more tools of destruction to kill more of the man, then the present leaders of the man who allow this progress are nothing but wild wolves of the earth with the outfit clothes of the lamb and these men of materialistic integrity will set man back by centuries for him to reach the ultimate goal of peace and universal unity.

In universal community which I am trying to carry the man through to, we have peace, solace and respect.

This is where every entity has respect for another and peace is the jewel in the crown for every action.

Sometimes I think I have taken too much on to carry man through this transition, as the body of man is a weak structure, and in my time and my life we will see the man through this transition and maybe all will see the bigger family of the universe and surely man will be welcomed with open arms as a new born is by his parents at time of his birth on earth. 

 We are waiting for the maturity of the man and no more, very much like a father waiting for his little baby boy to grow up that he can play football with and to enjoy life in full with his offspring, sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is painful, but overall the father sees the maturity of his son, and we are waiting for that day that man matures as the whole that he can take his rightful place on the council of universal community.

We are patient and have time to see you through this process and path as we have done before in other parts of the universes.

Blessed are those souls who hear the true message and not the earthly one.”

* * *

Dear friend,

I tried to fully introduce you to the phenomenon “Mehran Keshe” in all its complexity and variety. And when we meet, I will tell you a lot more interesting things about him and his projects and technologies and their gradual and successful penetration into our country.

Yours sincerely,


Translated by Kamen Kostov

The Expansion of Meaning and the Transpersonal Paradigm

Or “How I ate Slavoj Žižek for breakfast and forgot to tell anybody about it.”

A qualitative transpersonal social research paper, I wrote mostly while on a student exchange program in Lapin Yliopisto (Lapland University), Rovaniemi, Finland in the winter of 2005. For whatever reason I’ve never published this before now, I’m not even sure my supervisor read it. But now after a bizarre series of events culminating in my “message to our leaders,”…I’m putting it out there.

Originally written as an explanation of the intent and process behind work I produced as part of the MA Virtual Realities degree at NCAD, Dublin IE: a documentary video entitled “PUBLIC INSECURITY” which investigated the death of Terrence Wheelock following a coma induced while in police custody at Store St, Garda Station, Dublin, IE and the subsequent harassment of the family by State forces.

As well as being a research paper it is also an offering of artistic/social practice principles that the author believes can shake the foundations of the Earth. It is part of an ongoing (and so often subconscious) practice that has only recently brought to light in my mind again, the importance of these principles and forms a theoretical/philosophical context for my “message to our leaders” and the subtitle “a Journey to the Heart of Madness…” was added.  Developed in this paper is a logical and scientifically founded argument for the relevance of non-ordinary experience to artistic practice and social struggle. An attempt to:

“synthesize transpersonal methodology with the sociology of Bourdieu and in doing so, contribute to the task set by Habermas of developing a truly emancipatory hermeneutics while retaining tenable objective foundations.”

or in plainer terms, it’s about magic, madness and liberation.

I’d like to update it n’all, make it easier to read but anyway…enjoy. If you think I haven’t solved here, some of the biggest problems of western philosophy while offering foundations for effective social action I wouldn’t mind hearing from you. Thanks for taking the time to read.

The Expansion of Meaning and the Transpersonal Paradigm

A message to our leaders


This is a message, a prayer, a spell. This is art, liberation and purpose. This is a calling of your attention to something. This is a response to materialism, to violence in all forms and to the misguided subversion of fruitless antagonistic activism. This is a profession of faith. This is a demonstration of citizenship and leadership. This is enlisting your soul in the collective purpose of peace.

This is Symbolic Capital.

This is an acknowledgement to a great leader Michael D Higgins and a visionary scientist M.T. Keshe.

This might have something to do with this…

Image from Grant Morrison’s THE INVISIBLES

who knows?

The following is a message sent to all our elected leaders (Republic of Ireland) regarding the World Peace Treaty to be signed in Brescia, Italy on Sunday the 21.4.2013.

A chairde, [Friends]

Copied below is a letter addressed to ‘an Taoiseach agus an Uachtaráin’ [Primeminister and President of Ireland] which has relevance I believe to us all, especially those who have made that brave and honourable decision to lead their fellow people. It is my request that our Nation signs this Treaty through public declaration at the official World Peace Treaty Conference in Brescia, Italy on Sunday the 21.4.2013. President Higgins replied with a thought provoking acknowledgement of the constitutional parameters of his office… I wish to thank him and honour this great leader amongst us. It my question now to you all, where is the true power to bring about this most basic of civilized objectives if not in your own hands?

29 March 2013

Úchtaráin na hÉireann – Michael D. Higgins
Áras an Úchtaráin,
Pheonix Park

A Mhícháil mo hÚchtaráin,

I write this message to you now on this Good Friday, a sacred time for our soul and our nation as we await Easter Sunday and commemorate the rising up of brave men to set the true course of justice for the generations to come.

Let us celebrate the resurrection of the Son of Man and live his sacred message through committing ourselves to this World Peace Treaty. Is this not the core of his message and the message of all religion and ethical thought? Is it not time to finally act as we know to be correct? Let us decree that the Arms Industry is illegal and an abomination to the core of our hearts and all that we do in the name of love on this earth.

Enclosed is the World Peace Treaty being brought to all the leaders of world by the Keshe Foundation. What ripples of peace would cross the Earth were our enduring independent nation to sign this document and let the world know the true content of our hearts.

The world is on the brink of great changes and some may be disastrous. It is upon thee and all our leaders to turn away from serving an economic orthodoxy which is naught but the brutal miscognition of the basic needs of society. Let us turn instead to serving each other with compassion and without prejudice. As I am sure you are well aware, now at this perilous time the powers of hate and mistrust gather their warships while the vultures of finance circle the economy for the profits of war.

You are invited to sign this treaty on the 21st of April at a public venue that is convenient. I’m sure any of the sacred houses of worship would be most obliging to host such a noble occasion. If our leaders are not brave enough or deem it too idealistic to commit yourself to signing this document in public, let ye sign it in private so and hold it to guide your words and deeds that they be in the spirit of true peace and of a society civilized and mature enough to aspire for what is correct and necessary.

You may find some of the information contained in these documents hard to understand, but let me say to you in no uncertain terms; I bring you this message from an authority as deep as the inspiration that drove the founders of our nation to strive and sacrifice for our freedom and our future. I’m not sure if you are aware but his excellency the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadijenad informed the world at the UN summit in September of last year of the coming of a man promised by all the great religions of the world and of our need to make room for his coming and the ushering in of a new era for humanity. This time is upon us now and this man has come.

Let us be the ones who leave for our children what a thousand generations could not before. The advancement of science and technologies of man has reached such a level that it is now within our abilities to realize such an ambition. It is only the lack of commitment to each other that impedes us.

But I believe in your commitment to us, your citizens and I pray that you can have the courage to declare your true intent for a beautiful and peaceful world in our time.

Is mise le meas

Stephen Gaughan

The World Peace Treaty and the documents referred to above may be found here at this link: http://www.signworldpeacetreaty.org/

The treaty may be signed electronically here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/World_Peace_Treaty_1/

Some more important information and clarification of the position of the Keshe Foundation may be found here in Mr Keshe’s ‘New Era’ announcement. http://forum.keshefoundation.org/showthread.php?1909-New-Era

I thank you for taking the time to understand this important information.

His Excellency President Higgins addresses the European Parliament